17 July, 2014

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café – Taman Molek




可是  这第一次来  我是用groupon

下次  当我看开时  就会再来


  1. 面包哦罢了。。。。

  2. when i first went there the service and food was great
    after a few revisits, their worker's attitude and efficiency deteriorates.
    today i went there again and they do not have any fruit juices and need to wait for 1 sandwich for 30 mins.
    sat there and waited for 45 mins and i went to ask the waitress how long should i wait
    the malay waitress is so rude and didn't even bother to answer me, she kept doing her things.
    i confronted her a second time and she stared at me and replied rudely that she can't do anything because they ran out of ingredients.
    i said it's just a sandwich, its made up of bread and vege and scrambled eggs why does it needs to take so long, she put on a sour face and kept quiet.
    at that moment, after 45 mins only she was starting to prepare my sandwich.
    i kept my anger and decided not to scold her as there was another malay family customer watching on. i left the restaurant.
    bad workers and restaurant. never felt so disappointed before. i think i will boycott this O' Briens' outlet