29 October, 2011


在Happy Homebaker家潜水,看到了这个muah chee



dough batter:
200g glutinous rice or sticky rice flour
2 tsp of sugar
0.5 tsp of salt
250 ml water
1 tbsp cooking oil or shallot oil*

1 tsp of oil or shallot oil for brushing the cooked dough

150g roasted peanuts
40g dry roasted sesame
75g sugar

Make the peanut mix by putting peanuts, sesame and sugar in a food processor and blitz to a fine mixture.
Mix the dough batter ingredients together. Pour into a deep dish and steam for about 25 minutes. Test the centre to make sure it is cooked through before taking it out of the steamer.
Brush the dough with a little oil. Leave to cool down slightly.
Spread the peanut mix on a tray. Scoop small pieces of the dough onto the peanut mix then toss to thoroughly coat them. Can press the dough pieces lightly to coat with more peanut mix. Ready to enjoy.

* to make shallot oil, thinly sliced one or two shallots. Fry with 2 parts the oil to 1 part shallot till golden brown.

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